University of California, Berkley, CA

June 6, 2002

  • Mark Hager and Joseph Galaskiewicz, Studying Closure Among Nonprofit Organizations Using Event Structure Analysis and Network Methods, Discussant: Timothy Hoff
  • Christopher E. Johnson, D.K. Hedgecock, and Mary L. Oakley, Predictors of Lawsuit Activity Against Nursing Homes in Hillsborough County, Florida, Discussant: Martin Kitchener
  • Brian Mittman, Elizabeth M. Yano, Barbara A. Simon, Martin L. Lee, Lisa V. Rubenstein, and Eve A. Kerr, Adoption of Managed Care Practice Arrangements by VHA Facilities, Discussant: Kathleen Montgomery
  • Eric W. Ford, State Health Agency Configurations and Their Relationship to Measures of Population Health, Discussant: Patrick O'Connor
  • Pamela Owen and Irene Fraser, Studies on Health Care Organization at AHRQ: Research Agenda and Opportunities for Collaboration
  • Conference Dinner, Downtown Restaurant

June 7, 2002

  • Denise Anthony, Managed Care and the Professional Practice of Medicine, Discussant: Eric Williams
  • Anne Morris, Joan R. Bloom, and Soo Kang, Organizational and Individual Factors Affecting Consumer Outcomes of Care in Mental Health Services, Discussant: Jacqueline Zinn