The Organization Theory in Health Care Association (OTHC) was established to create a platform for junior faculty to share their research with the community and to benefit from the detailed feedback of established scholars.

OTHC invites abstracts from health care organization researchers.  Priority will be given to submissions from junior faculty, but we also welcome submissions from doctoral candidates and others with an academic affiliation.  Submissions on all topics are considered, with strong preference shown to topics that directly integrate and contribute to organizational theory.  Submissions that are not selected for a live presentation will be considered for a poster presentation, another key part of the conference.  Research using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods is welcome.  Theory development submissions are also welcome, but should offer an original contribution to theory, going beyond background literature reviews or syntheses.

The 2021 conference will be held online with an abbreviated agenda.  Approximately four papers will be selected for virtual podium presentation based on peer review.  Accepted papers must be completed by May 10th.  A larger number of abstracts will be selected for a virtual poster presentation, with a format currently in development.

If you would like to present your research at the conference, please submit a structured abstract to following the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Structured Abstract Submissions

Abstract may be up to two pages, double-spaced, in 12-point font, and should includethe following sections:

For Empirical Papers:

  1. Title of abstract
  2. All author names, affiliations, and titles, noting the presenting author’s name, email, and phone number
  3. Study objectives
  4. Hypotheses, theory, conceptual model, and/or research questions
  5. Study design
  6. Data sources, measures, methods
  7. Results and conclusions
  8. Implications for theory and implications policy/practice

For Theoretical Papers:

  1. Title of abstract
  2. All author names, affiliations, and titles, noting the presenting author’s name, email, and phone number
  3. Problem to be addressed
  4. Purpose, logic, and structure of the conceptual approach
  5. Propositions or potential hypotheses
  6. What is new in the conceptual approach
  7. Implications for research and potentially for practice

For either type of abstract, please include at the end:

  • a statement describing the state of completeness of the work upon which the abstract is based; and,
  • whether you wish your abstract to be considered for podium and/or poster presentation.


Key Dates for Conference Abstracts and Papers

  • Abstracts Due: TBD
  • Authors Notified of Selection: TBD
  • Complete Papers Due: TBD
  • Papers Emailed to Conference Registrants: TBD
  • Conference Dates: TBD

Please contact the organizers with any questions on abstracts submission or dates.