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Organization Theory in Health Care Association

Formerly known as the Healthcare Organizational Research Association (HORA)

The Organization Theory in Health Care Association (OTHC) is the only U.S. association that is dedicated exclusively to research on health care organization and management. Each year, OTHC holds a conference that brings together up to 50 invited experts and leading researchers to discuss the most recent research findings and methodological breakthroughs in health care organization and management science. The conference format consists of presentations and discussions of research papers, special panels, and professional networking. The presentations and discussions address issues such as effective organization of health care teams, strategies to restructure health care organizations, new models of care for achieving high quality, timely and efficient services, emerging health care markets, and collaboration of medical care and public health organizations to promote the health of local communities. Interactions among attendees often stimulate new lines of inquiry, collaborative research opportunities, and novel ideas about translation of research into practice.