University of Michigan, MI

Sponsors: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the University of Michigan Office of the Vice President for Research and the School of Public Health

June 12, 2003

  • Rebecca Wells and Eric Ford, An Exploratory Study of Cancer Prevention Coalition Capacity, Discussant: Daniel Lee
  • Mary L. Fennell and Joseph Angelelli, Organizational Sharing Arrangements and Rehospitalization Rates in Rural Areas, Discussant: Stephen Mick
  • Timothy Hoff, Learning to Avoid Learning: The Paradoxes of Residency Training Around Medical Errors, Discussant: Lawrence Casalino
  • Kristen Corazzini, Eleanor S. McConnell, Ruth A. Anderson, Richard Sloane and Carle Pieper, Organizational Effects on the Relationship between Cognitive Impairment and Disability in Nursing Home Residents, Discussant: Elizabeth Goodrick
  • Irene Frazier, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Improving Organizational Performance: Forging a Research and Action Agenda
  • Dinner, The Earle Restaurant

June 13, 2003

  • Jenny W. Rudolph, Into the Big Muddy and Out Again: Error Persistence and Crisis Management in the Operating Room, Discussant: Trish Reay
  • Kathleen Sutcliffe, Hospitals as Cultures of Entrapment: A Re-Analysis of the Bristol Royal Infirmary