Virginia Commonwealth University, VA

Sponsor: Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality


June 1, 2005

  • Rebecca Wells and Bryan Weiner, Adapting a Model of Alliance Evolution to the Health Care Sector, Discussant: Kelly J. Devers
  • Michael D. Rosko, Jose Proenca, and Jacqueline S. Zinn, Does Membership in Different Types of Health Care Systems Affect Hospital Cost Efficiency, Discussant: Gary J. Young, Boston University
  • Kathleen Montgomery, Conflict of Interest and Research Integrity Issues
  • Carol VanDeusenLukas, Mark M. Meterko, David Mohr, and Marjorie Nealon Siebert, Implementation of a Clinical Innovation: The Diffusion of Advanced Clinic Access in the VA, Discussant: Ann Scheck McAlearney
  • Elizabeth M. Yano, Lynn M. Soban, David A. Etzioni, and Patricia H. Parkerton, Influences of the Organization of Primary Care Practice on Variations in Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates, Discussant: Laura L. Morlock
  • Research Funding Panel: Michael Harrison of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Deborah Rogal of RWJF’s Heath Care Financing and Organization program
  • Reception

June 3, 2005

  • Jacqueline Zinn, Vincent Mor, Zhanlian Feng, and Orna Intrator, Innovation as Routine in Nursing Homes: Reconciling the Ecology and Adaptation Perspectives on Change, Discussant: Mary L. Fennell
  • Steve Woolf, Putting Things in Perspective: The Importance of Prioritization in Quality Improvement