University of Washington, WA

Sponsor: Graduate Programs in Health Services Administration, University of Washington


June 9, 2011

  • Keynote Speaker: Rich MacCornack, PhD, Chief Systems Integration Officer, Northwest Physicians Network
  • Rohit Pradhan, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Private Equity Ownership of Nursing Homes: Quality and Financial Performance Implications
  • Emmeline Chuang, PhD, University of South Florida, Impact of High Performance Work Practices on Frontline Health Care Worker Job Satisfaction and Perceived Quality of Care
  • Julia Adler-Milstein, PhD, Harvard University, Organizational Complements to Health IT: The Impact of Task Delegation and Electronic Health Record Use on Physician Productivity
  • Georges Potworowski, PhD, University of Michigan, Cognitive Task Analysis for HIT Implementation Support: Early Experience

June 10, 2011

  • Joseph Galaskiewicz, PhD, University of Arizona, Exploring the Organizational Dimensions of a Healthy Community 
  • Lynn Soban, PhD, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, Characteristics of Hospital Nursing Units and Their Relationship to Nurses Work Processes for Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Insights from Nursing Leaders and Frontline Nurses
  • Daniele Rose, PhD, Ann Chou, PhD, et al., VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, Organizational Factors Affecting the Likelihood of Cancer Screening Among VA Patients
  • Debora Goldberg, PhD, George Washington University, Factors Influencing the Adoption and Use of Quality Improvement Activities in Primary Care Physician Practices